Get the most out of your computer without the stress. I will get it working so you can watch movies, listen to music, use your digital camera, and get back on the Internet. Get answers to basic “how to” questions. I will even talk to you in English – not “tech-talk”.

Remove Popups: Viruses and spyware slow down your computer and cause lots of problems.

Hassle-free repairs: Don’t want to drag your PC equipment to our office? I will come onsite as well as pick up and deliver your machine. (Local area)

Go wireless: Make it easier to share files, printers on your in house network and secure the network from outside intruders.

PC giving you problems: By adding a few upgrades and removing old files, you can get more out of your computer without having to purchase a new one.


There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get your computer working.Spend less time handling computer issues, and spend more time doing what you do best – RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS.

Personalized: I will come to your office to evaluate your system and business objectives.

Comprehensive: Clear assessment of your security, hardware, software, and service needs.

Data security: I will create a safer environment for your company, and protect your data and equipment from hackers, worms, viruses, spyware and Internet predators.


It’s easy to add new capabilities and upgrades to your existing computer without having to buy a new one. Most upgrades can be completed within a few days unless you request a special order part.

What to bring with you or when picked-up.

Your computer
 Nothing else is needed.

Original manufacturer’s CD's and product keys
Bring all the original CD's that came with your computer. I will need them.

Almost every disk will also come with a product key that will look like a bunch of numbers and letters

If you’re not sure what, give me a call or email me.

Upgrading tips:

Memory upgrades: Memory upgrades are the quickest and easiest way to speed up your computer.  This is especially true if you do a lot at once, like having Word, Excel, and your email open all at the same time.

Hard drive upgrades: Hard drive upgrades increase your storage space. With a new or additional hard drive, you can store more pictures and photos. Almost any computer can be upgraded.

Video card upgrades: Video card upgrades give you the capability to play the latest high-performance games such as The Sims, record video to DVD, or transfer digital video cameras to DVD. Prices for cards will vary depending on the usage.

CD Burners and DVD Burners: CD Burners give your computer the capability to burn music CDs, photo CDs, and backup files on your computer. DVD Burners can also burn CDs, but can also burn DVDs to create home movies that you can play on your TV. I install the CD or DVD burner and any software that is required to get you where you want to go.

External Hard Drives: An easy way to back up and protect all your pictures, music, documents and and important information you need. Prices will vary on size, equipment and software chosen.


     I can service many different brands of PCs. Most repairs can be completed in a few days. Priority service is available.

    What to have:

Your computer (the tower or laptop).
Bring your computer. If you’re bringing a laptop, bring all the cords. If you’re bringing a regular computer, don’t bring any cords at all.

Original manufacturer’s CD's and product keys.
Bring all the original CD's that came with your computer. I may need them, almost every disk will also come with a product key that will look like a bunch of numbers and letters. Bring those along if you can find them.

A description of the problem.
Write down as much as you can about the problem. It will help us figure things out more quickly.

Peripherals involved in the problem.
If you’re having a problem with your printer,scanner, digital camera, or anything else, bring it and any disks that came with it too.

   If you’re not sure what to bring, give us a call. We’ll guide you through.

Before repairing your PC:

Backup your documents: If you can, backup your data before . You know best what’s most important to you. If you can’t backup, write down what are the most important things in your computer and bring that along.

  Let me know as much as you can about the problem: If you can give me some clues about the problem, it helps me find it faster. Write down anything and everything about the problem and I'll sort it out. When your machine is ready, I  can explain what happened and how to help prevent a similar problem.